Where Foxtail Goes | Paris, France | Day 3

April 1, 2020

This blog is going to cover our last day in Paris before flying to Milan! In reality it was only a half-day before making our way to the airport to head to Italy, but still a morning spent with new experiences and beautiful places.

After our second day in Paris, I (Steph) injured my foot, still an unsolved mystery as to how exactly. I woke that morning to a foot that was swollen and sore, with bruising all down the side! After a mini meltdown thinking I wouldn’t be able to walk and explore the rest of the city, we said farewell to our cute little airbnb and walked (more like hobbled) in search of the nearest pharmacy. It turned out that trying to find sports wrap or medical tape is much harder than one would think, and it was the first real instance of a language barrier. The baristas, waiters, and most everyone at the places we had we stopped so far had all spoken fluent english, but this specific outing resulted in us pointing at pictures of wrapped ankles on our phones with a bit of a helpless look on our faces. Turns out, they keep medical tape behind the counter in France?!

With my foot wrapped and ready to go, we grabbed two cappuccinos and croissants and hopped onto the métro to Montmartre, which ended up being on of our favorite neighborhoods in Paris! Our first stop was to see the well known La Maison Rose, a cute little pink house just steps away from Sacré-Cœur. It was one of the prettiest days so far so we took our time walking the steep hills and countless stairs to the top of Montemartre. Sacré-Cœur was even more breathtaking than we could have imagined. Because Sacré- Cœur sits on the highest elevation of Paris, the views did not disappoint! After we had soaked in the views for long enough at the foot of Sacré-Cœur, we headed down the steps through the park below. As you begin your decent, make sure to look to the left to see the infamous “sinking” house of Montemartre!

After all the steps we were ready to refuel at Pink Mamma for a delicious lunch! If you follow any bloggers who have traveled to Paris, it’s highly likely you’ve seen them post about Pink Mamma. It’s not hard to see why it makes the list of “Most Instagrammable Restaurants,” which is a tag-line we couldn’t resist. If you end up getting the chance to go yourself, definitely grab a reservation! Because the restaurant is so popular, a line wraps around the entire corner of the building before it opens for the day. If you have an early reservation (ours was at 12:30pm) you still want to go ahead and hop in line because they seat people based on their place in line. But, they do give preference to guests with a reservation! Seating is also first come first serve, and there are 5 floors you can be seated on, with the top floor being the most iconic and picturesque. But don’t worry if you aren’t seated on the top floor (we were on the 4th) because each floor has their own unique charm, and you are free to explore the other floors to get that photo opp! But even a restaurant that pretty wouldn’t have a line wrapped around the place without fantastic food! I had one of their infamous pizzas, and Blake had a specialty pasta recommended by our waiter. Both were to die for, and we highly recommended adding Pink Mamma to your itinerary if you get the chance!

With full bellies we grabbed an Uber and headed to Charles de Gaulle to catch a flight to Milan! Off to Italy!!